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Achieve financial freedom with vending machines in just 4-5 weeks guaranteed! Don’t waste time and money trying to figure it out on your own… Can you imagine…

✔ Generating an additional $1,000 monthly from one vending machine

✔ Having a business that operates even when you aren’t present

✔ Having true flexibility and freedom to work when you want… 

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Have you been wanting to generate more income and flexibility without having to leave your 9 to 5? Then starting a vending machine business is for you!

What is the Ultimate Lifetime Mentorship Program?

The Ultimate Lifetime Mentorship Program is a on-going mentorship program that includes everything you need to know to start and grow your own vending machine business. It contains step-by-step videos, worksheets, templates, one-one-one lifetime mentoring and more to help you get started with vending right away. With the lifetime access you can start right away or start at a slower pace. This is a lifetime mentorship package, therefore you have the flexibility to move at your preferred pace. This Package includes providing support to those in Canada.

In the Ultimate Lifetime Mentorship Program, you’ll learn how to…

Build your vending machine business from start to finish with our Three separate 70-minute online courses (Traditional Vending, Beauty Vending, School Supply Vending, CBD Vending) Hands on help to implement this is done through one-on-one mentorship. Scheduled calls are offered everyday & unlimited text with the founder of iKrave Vending Lakinya.

How to use our 30-day startup plan to guide you on what you should be doing each week to start vending within 30 days

Find the ideal locations and how to pitch business owners to place your machine in their establishment with our 60-minute online course (lifetime accesses) OR…

Have direct access to iKrave Vending’s locator who offers vending machine locating services for our clients (find a location for your vending machine typical turnaround time is 7 days)

How to form an LLC on your own using our walk-through videos for each state, extra one-on-one assistance from Lakinya is provided as well

How to file your EIN with the IRS, one-on-one assistance from Lakinya is provided as well

How to obtain sales tax permit and any business requirements (if needed, not all states require permits) for each state with the assistance of Lakinya

Customize your very own location proposal & contract to present to potential locations provided by Lakinya

How to choose your vending machine with our one-on-one guidance from our 2023- Vending Machine Supplier List (Where to purchase used & new vending machines: snack, drink, combo, beauty, cold food machines, hot food machines i.e., pizza, hamburger)

Machine finder Service- Lakinya will help you one-on-one find a vending machine new or used

How to obtain financing to purchase your vending machine using our 2023-List of where to obtain financing from companies that specialize in financing vending & amusement equipment

Customize your very own inventory tracking document to track your product, machines, and locations

Options to choose different locators to find a location for your vending machine from our 2023-List of Locators

Where to find location leads in your area who have requested vending services

E-book bundle that covers Traditional Vending, Bulk Vending, Beauty Vending & Amusement Vending

36 Printable Labels for drink machine

Here’s how the program breaks down…

Step 1: Purchase Ultimate Lifetime Mentorship Package (Payment plan options available at check out)

Step 2: Review all courses and material that is included in package

Step 3: Schedule your 1-on-1 Call (Link provided after purchase)

Step 4: We will collaborate and create a plan for you to follow, during this time you have lifetime access to unlimited calls, daily text & 100% support while starting your vending journey and beyond. 

Enroll today and you’ll also get access to this amazing bonus

The same steps Lakinya used to access $200,000 in business credit in the past 180 days

Leverage business credit to grow your vending machine business


Are you next to start a vending machine business?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the package? Expand

The courses, downloads and consultations never expire

If I’m not ready to start vending right now will I have to schedule my one-on-one call now? Expand

No, you can schedule your one-on-one call at anytime rather it’s one-month after purchasing the Ultimate Mentorship package or six-months later

How much money can I make with vending machines? Expand

Below is picture of a combination machine and a snapshot inside of the Nayax credit card reader software from one day of sales. The machine is placed at a local YMCA

Why should I start a vending machine business? Expand

Watch here

How much does it cost to start a vending machine business? Expand

Watch here

What type of vending machine business should I start? Expand

Watch here

Do you have questions? send us an email at info@ikravevending.com


All Course material is up to date as of November 2023

14 reviews for Ultimate Lifetime Mentorship Program for Vending Business – iKrave Vending

  1. Joseph Scott (verified owner)

    I learned alot and I’m extremely happy I paid for this course. I’m excited about getting into this business and this course and mentoring has helped me get a big head start on what I’m trying to achieve!!

  2. SJ Morris

    This entire class and information was great! I really learned a lot and I appreciated her being available and responding quickly. Great experience!

  3. Fletcher Jackson (verified owner)

    Bought the package and can’t be happier. This has given me the motivation to get up and get going. Having a mentor who helps and guides in the process is superbly helpful. I had lots of questions before and now between the videos and text messages, all my questions and concerns are addressed and I feel way more confident in my decisions. Thanks!

  4. Donna Campbell

    My one on one consultation left me feeling like I actually had someone in my corner guiding and encouraging me. The class was informative and the resources extremely helpful!

  5. Lequita P.

    The one on one consultation I had was so worth it, I’m glad I decided to reach out to ikrave vending and get all the gems and resources they offer. The information is helpful and the service is top notch. I feel like I have someone I can connect with even after the consultation was over. I have reach out several times for quick advise and she did not hesitate to answer my question.

  6. Sarina

    Thank you for your great insight! I have been interested in owning a vending machine for some time now. When I had a consultation, it definitely helped clear things up. Lakinya was so very resourceful and knows what she’s talking about! I appreciate your service and would highly recommend.

  7. Tiana

    Lakinya was absolutely amazing! The one on one consultation was very informative and she was very transparent about her journey and the possible challenges and benefits. She had so many resources to share which was greatly appreciated!

  8. Kai

    This consultation was wonderful. My questions were answered thoroughly.

  9. Natasha Alleyne

    Lakinya was very knowledgeable and gave me some great information on my vending machine business! She offered support even after the call ended. After my 60 mins was up she stayed on the call even longer to answer any additional questions or concerns I had. Lakinya is very resourceful and well connected. I am ordering my 1st candy vending machine today due to the guidance Lakinya gave me! I highly recommend her services!! Hit her up if you want to learn the vending business the right way.

  10. Toya

    Lakinya was very knowledgeable and relatable! Our conversation continues to motivate me to move forward!

  11. Keisha W (verified owner)

    I love the ultimate package. It provides a lot of good info and LaKinya provides so much help on the calls. Definitely worth it!

  12. JeanEddy (verified owner)

    Was spot on with all the information I was given, Ikrave is the best at what she does, and worth EVERY dime that was invested into the information I was given. Can’t wait to work with her farther down the road and appreciate the support, from beginning until now. Thank you Lakinya 💯

  13. Angel (verified owner)

    Lakinya has the road map to vending machine business success! I purchased the Ultimate package that was worth every bit of the money. You won’t be disappointed. My combination snack machine is up and running making a nice bit of money daily.

  14. Jeni Beverly

    Yessss. ikravending is the entire truth. I did a one-on-one consultation and I learned everything I needed to successfully execute. My 11 year old was able to read my notes and follow all the steps outlined with EASE. We are going to continue to scale thanks to Lakinya.

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