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Do you love all things beauty? Why not start a side hustle to generate multiple streams of income with something you love! Even with no experience you can start your very own beauty supply vending machine business. We’ve got you covered! The vending machine business is perfect for anyone, even with no experience. Vending has low startup cost, low risk, low involvement & growth potential.

Our most popular package includes 60 Days mentorship through unlimited calls text and email with iKrave Vending. Our students typically start their vending journey in less than 30 days earning $2,000 + each month from ONE machine.

Get Started Today! 

Step 1: Purchase package

Step 2: Review course and materials included in package

Step 3: Schedule your 1-on-1 Call (Link provided after purchase)

Step 4: We give you a plan to follow, during this time you have access to unlimited calls, daily text & 100% support while starting your vending journey

✔  This is not just another course, here at iKrave Vending we help you get started Hands on, step-by-step 

Interested in this package but have questions? Please send an email to: info@ikravevending.com



Hair and Beauty Vending Machine Business is a great way to sell your products in a vending machine which is providing you a passive profit. Brand your machine by customizing the machine with your logo and sell your products! Even if you don’t have products to sell, we will help you choose winning products to sell in the vending machine.

The Ultimate Mentorship Package is the ultimate combination of our products that will get your vending machine business idea up and running. The Ultimate Package gives you access to the following:

✔  Unlimited One-on-One mentorship for 60 days Scheduled calls are offered everyday & unlimited text!

✔   70 minute  course on building your beauty supply vending machine business from start to finish

✔  Access to  iKrave Vending’s personal locator who is an Expert at finding locations for your vending machine

✔  50 minute course on how to build business credit so that you can grow your vending business

✔  Machine finder Service (we help you look for machines )

✔ How to obtain sales tax permit and any business requirements for each State

✔ Customizable location proposal &  contract to present to potential locations (

  • Sample verbiage to use when approaching colleges

✔ Customizable Inventory tracking document to track your product, machines and locations

✔ Walk through video for each state showing you how to form an LLC on your own

✔ 2023- Vending Machine Supplier List (Where to purchase customized beauty machines used & new)

✔ 2023-List of  where to obtain financing from companies that specialize in financing vending equipment

✔ Start up plan check list

✔ Vendors list- Whole sale Hair, Lash & Beauty supplies 


This is a “do it with you” package

  • During our initial consultation we work with you hands on to explore items to sell in the vending machine
  • Based on your budget we will direct you to the vending machine suppliers we are partnered with. We have used vendors and new with financing available.
  • We help you strategize how to find the right location for your vending machine or outsource the locating part to our partners and they will find a location for you.
  • Direct contact for who to contact on College Campuses for vending placement and sample email script
  • We guide you to the most successful inventory practices.
  • If you need assistance registering your business and choosing a business structure we can guide you or connect you with our dedicated professional partner to do it for you.


All Course material is up to date as of November 2023


2 reviews for Ultimate Vending Mentorship Package for Beauty Supply Vending – iKrave Vending

  1. Evelyn

    This was worth every penny. They are so helpful will go above and beyond to answer your questions and help you with anything u need to succeed. The energy from this company is Amazing and I suggest anyone who needs help with trying to get a vending machine / placement etc! This company takes you strait to the source and will halo u execute ur dream….

  2. Destiny Ogletree (verified owner)

    I give this company 5 stars because I was trying hard to get the information I needed but soon as I paid for the package all the answers I was looking for pop right up soon as I paid all the links and right resources was giving it’s like god leaded me to the right people I’m thankful to say I’m on the right track now thanks to this amazing brand thanks so much for the one on one call and even giving me your personal number to help me along the way I’m super happy to start this journey with all your helpful tips let’s go future vending machine business owner!!! If your hesitant don’t be I highly recommend this company!!!

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