Should you invest in a coin sorter in the vending machine business?

Investing in vending machines

Investing in vending machines with a coin slot is a great stream of income. Depending on the level of intensity you are willing to take on will depend on which avenue to take. Personally, I would invest in a combination machine because it’s one machine that dispenses both snacks and drinks. Most locations prefer them because of limited space. Basically, it is like having two machines in one.

Coffee vending machines

While coffee does have a large profit margin, the work involved in keeping it up is more than snacks and drinks. Another thing to consider, if the coffee machine is not being used by a large number of individuals daily it won’t be worth the investment of the machine which is about $5k.

What is the best coin sorter on the market?

Having a coin sorting machine is a great investment because it will cut down the time of physically counting and packing the coins. There are many coin sorters available on the market but Tracking advice breaks down the top 5 coin sorters on the market.  Overall, having a coin sorter will increase accuracy and save time making it well worth the investment.

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